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Our story begins with Niels Duinker, an esteemed juggler from The Netherlands and a recent recipient of the International Jugglers' Association's "Excellence in Education Award". Niels embarked on his juggling journey a quarter of a century ago, and in 2007, he turned his passion into a profession. But Niels' pursuit was not just about juggling; it was about creating a great show and becoming a good professional.

Learning from the best


His performances took him to all seven continents, from performing on board luxurious cruise ships to the dazzling stages of Las Vegas, and through various tourist hotspots in the USA. Along the way, he honed his skills and sought guidance from legendary jugglers like Freddy Kenton, Karl-Heinz Ziethen, Albert Lucas, Tommy Curtin, and Daniel Holzman. These icons not only shared invaluable insights for his shows but also collaborated on prop designs and book projects.



Drawing from his Mechanical Engineering degree from Delft University of Technology and a desire to create the best props, Niels embarked on a journey of innovation. This journey led to the creation of his own juggling cup, that he used to to set the Guinness World Record for "the most cups juggled simultaneously" (14 cups). Subsequently, he re-introduced the bottle club to the juggling world and he produced the Cuphead2.0 club, which is a collaborative effort with the renowned Jay Gilligan.

Partnership with


Today, ND Juggling continues to strive for high-quality juggling equipment. We are excited to expand our product line in partnership with the world's largest wholesale company for juggling equipment and skill toys:

Niels Duinker 10 cup juggling
Niels Duinker with his Excellence in Education Award from the IJA
Niels Duinker 12 ring juggling
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