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Catching Greatness
A Guide To Thriving In a World Plagued By Gravity






Niels Duinker

A Guide to thriving in a world plagued by gravity Niels Duinker lives a life that most people dream about. International travel? Worldwide acclaim? Being paid to follow your passion? Niels has all of that and more. In this, his first book, Niels reveals his secrets of success. You'll learn how to overcome obstacles in your life and work: the distractions, negativity, fear, and boredom. Leveraging your resources, using specific organization strategies, and tapping into a passion for excellence, Niels helps you "redefine gravity". If you refuse to let the world weigh you down, soaring is all the easier. You'll read how Niels achieved an international career, with shows from Amsterdam to Las Vegas, while still in his teens. This 2-time Variety Performer of the Year and 3-time Guinness World Records record holder keeps nothing back. This book will inspire, motivate and spur you into action. With Niels as your guide, you'll be well on your way to creating your own uplifting life.

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