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Here's to You, The Jugglers






Paul Adrian

Originally written in 1977 by circus historian Paul Adrian and published as part of the “Encyclopédia du Cirque” collection in France, the book “Here’s to You, The Jugglers” was the first historical juggling book ever published in Europe. Now that’s gotten translated from French into English by Niels Duinker, future generations of jugglers can learn about this part of juggling history. Paul Adrian was born in 1919. He made his debut as a journalist in the magazine “La Vie Hippique,” created by his father. His passion for the circus quickly led him to write for many magazines. He was the first writer to have covered the history of the circus and its specialties encyclopedically. His books still constitute the foundations of any circophile library today. This book tells about the origin of the art of juggling, and it contains valuable first-hand descriptions of the acts of many of the best practitioners from the European circus and variety scene of the mid 20th century. In this 2018 edition of the book, many never before published photos have been added from the Juggling Archive of Karl-Heinz Ziethen, who got spired to start writing his books on the history of juggling after he got a copy of the original book from Paul Adrian. As a bonus, this English translation contains the chapter on juggling from the C. Strehly book “L'acrobatie et les acrobats.”

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