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Old Malabar






J.B. Findlay

"Memoirs of J.B. Findlay on 'Old Malabar': The Life and Times of a Legendary Juggler" uncovers the extraordinary life of 'Old Malabar', an iconic street performer whose juggling feats and unique charm enchanted the British Isles in the 19th century.

Born in 1800 Ireland as Patrick Feeney, he rose from humble beginnings to become 'Old Malabar', mastering the art of juggling under the Chinese juggler, Tusang. His journey from Dublin to the heart of Scotland is a captivating tale of resilience and artistic brilliance.

This concise 40-page biography details Malabar's legendary performances, from juggling daggers to his infamous ladder and donkey balance act. It's not just his skill, but his commanding presence and humor that won over audiences from Scotland to Ireland.

The book also delves into Malabar's personal life, from his 40-year marriage to his dedication to his unique style, always donned in his Asian performance costume. Despite challenges, including an accident that reshaped his face, Malabar's spirit never waned. His legacy lives on, with his props displayed at Kelvin Hall, Glasgow.

"Memoirs of J.B. Findlay on 'Old Malabar'" is more than a biography; it's a window into the soul of a man who elevated street performance to an art form, capturing the hearts of commoners and royalty alike. An essential read for those interested in performance history, cultural studies, or the timeless allure of street art.

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