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Side-Show Tricks Explained: A Glimpse into the World of Vintage Circus Arts






Hereward Carrington

Dive into the golden age of circus wonders with "Side-Show Tricks Explained." This 2020 reprint of the 1928 classic, edited by E. Haldeman-Julius and authored by Hereward Carrington, offers a detailed look into vintage circus and side-show acts. Renowned juggler Niels Duinker brings this Little Blue Books series gem (No. 1279) back to life, presenting a rich historical journey through awe-inspiring performances like sword swallowing, fire eating, and juggling.

Experience the mysteries of acts such as 'The Human Pin Cushion' and 'The Ladder of Swords' through Carrington's meticulous descriptions, set against the backdrop of historical references like Houdini's "Miracle Mongers and Their Methods." This book peels back the curtain on the art and science of these timeless acts, providing a fascinating read for circus enthusiasts, historians, and anyone intrigued by the extraordinary.

Note: This reprint serves as a historical and academic exploration, not as a guide for replicating these dangerous stunts.

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