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The Art of the Juggler: Exhibition Catalogue






E.P. Gershuni

1929 exhibition on juggling, Museum of the Circus and Variety Arts in Leningrad.
This book is the English translation of the museum catalog of the 1929 exhibition on juggling, which took place at the world's first Museum of the Circus and Variety Arts in Leningrad (now St-Petersburg). In this catalog, you will read about juggling legends like Mickael Pashchenko, Enrico Rastelli, the Schaeffer family, 2 Asra, and many others. As an appendix to this English edition, there are photo additions of never before published images from the Juggling Archive Karl-Heinz Ziethen in Berlin. Leningrad, 1929 "Establishing the world's first Museum of the Circus and Variety Arts is just one step along the road of Cultural Revolution to preserve the history. The other goal is to improve the skills and knowledge of those in the entertainment industry, especially the circus and variety performers. The Museum is not a portrait gallery. It is a foundation that allows performers to study their craft and will enable visitors to learn about the circus and the different genres throughout history. Two exhibitions already have taken place this year. A third exhibition that just opened and to which this catalog is dedicated is entitled "The Art of the Juggler."

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