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The Modern Manipulator





Carl Martell

Written over a century ago by Carl Martell and now prepared as an e-book by Niels Duinker, this original written juggling/magic book is (for the most part) still very relevant. Besides the insights you will gain about juggling and magic in the late 1800’s, you will also learn about forgotten routines that you can use to enrich your repertoire with and that would still play very well in your act today. You will get the original script as written by Carl Martell. It is an exciting read for jugglers, variety performers; and slight of hand, close-up, and stage magicians alike. You will read about the workings behind some long-forgotten vaudeville juggling stunts, magic tricks, and miscellaneous gags.

Primarily of interest to jugglers:
The book contains instructions on both plate juggling and plate spinning. Learn how to get started with hoop rolling and old-school ways to juggle five clubs, that’s different from the now standard cascade. You will also find how to make a good juggling cigar so that you can get started on gentleman juggling.

Primarily of interest to magicians:
The book also contains unique tricks for the amateur and professional magicians. Read about manipulation moves with roses, cards, silks, the floating flame, chemical magic, the comical candle, the spinning handkerchief, and much more.

The book closes with a chapter with professional advice. How to light a juggling act, attitude towards earning money with your skills, how to receive more applause, prop selection and how to prepare your hands best when performing in both cold and hot weather.

Further some of the old-school gentleman juggling and magic stunts in this book: How to balance an egg, tricks with billiard sticks and balls, glassware, bowls and comedy juggling stunts with hats.

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