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The Paradoxes of Juggling






Michael Staroseletsky

Juggling is a journey filled with paradoxes and intricacies. 'The Paradoxes of Juggling' reveals insights that all the juggling legends knew by understanding these paradoxes.

While many books teach you how to juggle, few focus on the art of learning itself. This book fills that void. You might say that the book you're holding is the vital link within a trilogy of juggling guides stemming from the golden age of the Soviet circus.

Michael Staroseletsky, the author, studied juggling around many of the greats, like Kiss, Ignatov, and Rudenko and tested his insight with these influential figures at the circus schools. Think Alexander Kiss, renowned for his insights into the juggler's mindset in 'If You Are a Juggler,' and Alexander Bauman, whose work 'The Art of Juggling' served as the textbook for Soviet juggling education. Staroseletsky's book bridges the gap between theory and practice and is led by a foreword from the exceptional American juggler Albert Lucas.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced juggler, this book will empower you to unlock your full potential and eventually master juggling.

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