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Unbalanced - The Rise and Fall of Anglo the Juggler






Barry Thorson

Based on a true story...

Murder. Marriage. Mystery. It’s not an easy juggling act.

​In May of 1903, Thomas “Anglo” Horton was the cover story for London’s influential and immensely popular Magic Magazine.

​One year later he was dead.

​Then in 1907, Hamley’s of London publishes The Art of Modern Juggling. It’s the world’s first book on the subject and Anglo is cited as the author.

Not only was “Australia’s Greatest Juggler” rotting away in an unmarked grave by the time the book came out, it was widely known that Horton, 24 at the time of his death, couldn’t “spell a word of four letters”.

​How does an illiterate juggler, three years gone, author a ground-breaking book about a timeless tradition? According to a local bookseller and Horton’s one-time promoter, there’s only one possible explanation.

​Only he doesn’t believe in ghosts.

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