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Moreira Cigar Box Available 2024


Weight: 225 grams

Material: Polyethylene with silicone end-pieces
Dimensions: 186 x 58 x 124 mm
Available Colors: White, Yellow, Red, Orange

  • Ergonomically Designed: Shaped based on principles of ergonomics and engineering, the boxes cater to a diverse range of hand sizes and alleviate muscle stress for extended practice sessions.

  • Innovative Elements: These boxes incorporate unique design features, originally conceived by Albert Moreira and executed by Niels Duinker and Will Oltman, to augment your juggling performance.

  • Robust Construction: Manufactured from high-quality polyethylene with silicone end-pieces to ensure durability over extended use.

  • Signature Logos: The ND Juggling and MOREIRA logos are subtly integrated into the design to celebrate this unique collaboration.


A Tradition of Mastery and Innovation:
From early trailblazers like Cinquevalli to Salerno, juggling has a rich history featuring skilled practitioners. W.C. Fields, although renowned as an entertainer, was also a master of cigar box juggling. What if this long-standing juggling prop could be updated and improved?


Collaborative Innovation:
Albert Moreira, co-founder of the esteemed Los Gatos Trio and mentor to Albert Lucas Moreira, admired the discipline of "cigar box juggling" but was not fond of the traditional square cigar box design that was hard to grab. By engaging with top-tier jugglers like Bela Kremo, Francis Brunn and others, he accumulated a wealth of insights. This intellectual legacy was passed on to his son, Albert Lucas Moreira, celebrated for his "Albert Throws" and for hosting the annual Lucas Cup at the IJA World Championships.


Realizing the Vision:
Niels Duinker steps in, equipped with a background in mechanical engineering and a track record in producing juggling innovation, as exemplified by his Bottle Clubs and Cuphead 2.0. In collaboration with Albert Lucas Moreira and engineer Will Oltman, Niels brings a modern touch to this traditional prop. The outcome is the Moreira Juggling Box: an ergonomic, durable prop that opens new avenues in juggling technique.


Tutorial Video by Niels Duinker

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