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Shaker Cups (Coming Soon)


Dimensions / Weight: 225 gm
Material: High-Quality Plastic

Kenton Juggling Cups: The Legacy Continues in Every Toss


Embrace the legacy of a juggling master with Kenton Juggling Cups. These cups are meticulously designed to carry forth Freddy Kenton's lifelong dedication to one of his signature tricks: shaker cup juggling. Crafted from high-quality plastic, these cups not only offer unparalleled durability but also produce a sound that's distinctively different from the jarring noise of traditional aluminum cups.

Craftsmanship Meets Performance

Freddy Kenton's inspiration stemmed from seeing the talents of Rudy Cardenas as a teenager in the 1950's. Driven by the desire to innovate, he returned from a circus tour in America to his home in Amsterdam where he started to collaborate with skilled craftsmen in shaping a unique design of cup. This hard-earned expertise was generously passed on to future legends of the cup juggling world, like Claudius Specht and Niels Duinker.

Why Choose Kenton Juggling Cups?

  • Sound Design: Move beyond the disruptive clang of aluminum with a melodious, to a more pleasing tone.

  • Skill Versatility: Whether you're an enthusiast or a professional, the Kenton Juggling Cups offer a heightened level of control and balance, making them ideal for a wide range of juggling styles.

  • Innovative Material: Manufactured from high-quality plastic, these cups resist bending and damage, assuring you of a long-lasting juggling companion.

  • Historic Inspiration: Each cup is a tribute to Freddy Kenton, embodying his lifelong commitment to the sport and his direct influence on jugglers like Claudius Specht and Niels Duinker.


Whether you're you want to perform a routine with 3 cups or striving for the world record these Kenton Juggling Cups bring history, quality, and craftsmanship into every toss. Shaker cup juggling has come a long way since the 1920's. Now experience the next evolution of shaker cup juggling; experience Kenton Juggling Cups!


The journey of shaker cup juggling has been a storied one, tracing back to the Mexican performer Meneses in the 1920s. It gained traction with Rudy Cardenas, who modernized the technique, and thereafter it flourished in the hands of Freddy Kenton. And let's not overlook modern record-holders like Niels Duinker, who holds the world record for the most shaker cups thrown and caught, totaling an astonishing 14. These cups are now produced by Niels Duinker, through his product line NDjuggling.


Videos and images of the Shaker Cups

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